AUA-TAU Ortak Toplantısı

AUA-EUP  Opening Remarks

Dear colleagues, friends

I would like to welcome you all to the Eurasian Urology Platform meeting. 

Today we meet in the fifth AUA-Eurasian Urology Platform Joint Organization which became a traditional part of the AUA Congresses. The foundation of this platform was based on the collaboration of West Eurasian Countries. As we share and enhance our collective knowledge through research and education, the synergy created would make us reach greater heights than our predecessors. Today I see colleagues from different academic ranks and countries, all gathered in this room.

Scientific program of this meeting consists a variety of urologic fields as usual. Program of the meeting gets richer each year both in quantity and quality.  Renowned lecturers from various countries are here to accomplish a unique experience for the participants. Spotlights of 2016 meeting will be in 4 different fields: Endourology, Neurourology, Uro-oncology,  and LUTS-BPH.

I also want to thank Dr. Gee, AUA President, Dr. Gill, AUA’s Global Chair for their support. The meticulous efforts of AUA organization committee should definitely be mentioned.
On behalf of the Eurasian Urology Platform, we would like welcome you again to the fifth joint meeting and thank you for sharing this excitement with us.

Dr. Ateş Kadıoğlu
I would like to invite Dr. Inderbir Gill,  AUA’s Global Chair, for his welcome speech

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